A journey into Japanese culture in Hitoyoshi city

Embark on a dazzling photoshoot experience wearing Japanese Kimono and experiencing tea ceremony. 


It only takes 5 minutes for you to put on a Kimono, during our quick Kimono dressing  experience

This package saves time.
It allows you to fully experience Japanese culture.
You can wear the Kimono on top of your own clothes and 
it’s very convenient.

 Our services 

Experience Packages (Booking Needed) 

Popularly known as “the small Kyoto”, the city of Hitoyoshi welcomes you to a journey of cultural experience into the Japanese tea ceremony and Ikebana. The quick Kimono wearing experience package is also very popular. 

Kimono presentation 

We have prepared 130 gorgeous pieces of modern and fashionable Kimonos, made from the well known high-end Japanese silk, Oshima Tsumugi 

Guests’ Photo Gallery 

We have uploaded here pictures taken by  guests who took part in this experience. In these pictures you can also see the fascinating beauty of Hitoyoshi city. 


Leads the Normal School of Ura-Senke Tea Ceremony, with a history of 50 years  

We are an experienced school of Japanese Ura Senke Tea Ceremony, but apart from teaching tea ceremony we take part in the visiting trips alongside other volunteers from Hitoyoshi. Here, our foreign visitors get to experience firsthand Japanese culture, such as wearing a kimono, tea ceremony and ikebana, in a leisurely manner. 

I will constantly take part in these activities, so many more people can better understand the profound and gracious Japanese culture.