Baerumon Tour


Leads the Normal School of Ura-Senke Tea Ceremony, with a history of 50 years  

We are an experienced school of Japanese Ura Senke Tea Ceremony, but apart from teaching tea ceremony we take part in the visiting trips alongside other volunteers from Hitoyoshi. Here, our foreign visitors get to experience firsthand Japanese culture, such as wearing a kimono, tea ceremony and ikebana, in a leisurely manner. 

I will constantly take part in these activities, so many more people can better understand the profound and gracious Japanese culture.


Tea Ceremony: We have a lot of rich props suitable for taking pictures. You can take great photos. 

Kimono Dressing:  You can experience everything from wearing a convenient two-piece, washable kimono to authentic floral kimonos and luxurious guest kimonos.

There are seasonal activities in spring and autumn at Hitoyoshi Station and wearing a kimono while participating in these activities is most certainly a wonderful and memorable experience.


Baerumon Tour

Address:Kumamoto-ken hitoyoshi-shi onigi-machi 164-6

Phone: 090-9485-0430

Email: [email protected]